We help people who suffer "digital technologies" and the Internet addiction to return to fulfilling life, family welfare, and career achievements
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The need for respite from "digital technology"
NETAWAY is an international commercial organization that provides services in the field of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and support of people suffering different types of Internet addiction. Our mission is to preserve psychological health of a person. We help to satisfy the need for respite from digital technologies and to return to the healthy environment for those who are caught in the Net.
We form global chain of clinics and agencies under the aegis of our organization
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Our mentors
All mentors are highly qualified professionals. Most of them have 5-15 years of experience in social technologies and participate in international projects. We work with those who are full of goodwill to help others, regardless of age, nationality or religious preferences.
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[Problems that we solve]

Diverse areas of our activity help to solve a multitude of problems that modern society faces daily almost everywhere.
Diagnosis, treatment, support for people with Internet addictions (online games, cybersex, web surfing, online shopping, etc.)
Educational courses and lectures to improve Internet literacy
Corporate trainings on the employee behavior in the Internet
Training courses for parents whose children are gadget addicted (tablet, game console, computer, mobile device)
Recovery programs for couples who have difficulties in relationships caused by social networks
Caring for teens

(for the young, 13 – 18 years)
Life balance

(for adults, 18 – 35 years)
Digital warrior

(summer 2018)
Professionals about the problems of modern digital society
Dr. Kimberly Young
Internet Addiction: What Everyone Should Know
How to recognize the addiction?
There is a number of anonymous tests developed by leading experts in the field of psychology. You can go through a procedure that takes no longer than 10 minutes.
How much does addiction affect health?
According to the results of recent world studies, there are serious risks associated with the health of addicted people. Look at the results of recent researches.
What is "Digital Detox"?
Digital Detox is a period of time when a person deliberately refuses to use smartphones, computers, tablets and other devices in order to relieve stress, return to real communication, creativity or work.
1. How does Nomophobia appear?
Nomophobia (from no mobile-phone phobia) – is a fear (phobia) to be out of cellular phone contact. A number of studies have revealed serious fears and emotional stress for the majority of trial participants.
What is the misconception about the maximum use of technology?
Material amenities of the modern world, at its core, are suffering. Human mind is easily deluded, considering them as pleasures and real happiness.
How to unhook from Internet addiction?
You can practice techniques of Awareness while using gadgets to keep the Balance you need.
What our partners say
Win yourself and you will win a thousand battles. The most important enemy is attachment to the Self through technology. Under the influence of this delusion and obsession with emotions, a person constantly commits non-virtuous deeds.
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